Variable Monthly Percentage Rewards

How it works

Our treasury earns yield revenue from farming, trading, spot holdings, and much more!

-50% of all the yield generated from our treasury each month, is deposited into the Tinder Staking Pool for the upcoming month.

-The Tinder dApp displays a preliminary vMPR based on total deposited farming revenue, divided by the total circulating supply of $OBURN. This gives a "worse case scenario" rate of return. Obviously not every single circulating $OBURN will be deposited, so once the three day deposit window closes, the vMPR is recalculated based on the amount of $OBURN deposited to show that month's updated, higher MPR.

-Over the course of the 30 day staking lock, the rewards are distributed. At the end of the 30 day staking lock, all stakers are ejected from the staking pool, new rewards are deposited, and vMPR is recalculated. Then a new three day staking window opens up!

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