OnlyBurns has formed a relationship with KyotoSwap, part of the Kyoto Foundation! We are utilizing their launchpad for our BSC migration, and will be listed live on KyotoSwap DEX on February 1st! KyotoSwap is implementing special routing for their DEX, allowing us to collect the buy tax on $OBURN in BUSD instead of $OBURN, so our protocol will not need to sell $OBURN in order to collect funds for treasury growth, and increased Tinder yield!

Sphere Finance

Sphere Finance and OnlyBurns are entering into a mutually beneficial relationship! Sphere is creating special Dyson pools for JUST OnlyBurns to farm in. These pools will have lower performance fees, allowing us to generate more revenue for our treasury! In return, OnlyBurns will utilize 2% of profits generated to purchase $SPHERE, which we will then STAKE to generate $MATIC as additional revenue! When we are done farming additional $MATIC revenue with our $SPHERE, we will then BURN whatever $SPHERE we’ve accumulated! Because we are, and always shall be, ONLYBURNS!

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